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About Crimea, Ukraine and Apolitical Position of "Real Russia"

Meus parceiros da Real Russia fizeram este vídeo sobre a posição deles em relação a Crimeia. Foi um vídeo muito bom onde eles se colocam em uma posição apolítica. É um vídeo que para mim tira as minhas dúvidas.

Now I put this text in english to all Real Russia´s friend to know why they are an Apolitical Position about Crimea.

Since the beginning in September 2012, we are making the deepest insights into the real Russian Life with No Fake and No Bullshit. And it is really so. For more than a year and half we've been inside of so many places like the Soviet Union buildings, kinder gardens, malls, markets, grave yards, buses, cinema theaters and shown what you will never see even on Russian channels.

But we always stayed out of politics because this is not what our channel about. 

Today due to many requests from our viewers we are making a little exception because wants to explain WHY.

Here is at least three reasons we stay out of politics. 

First reason is that as the creators of the channel we are personally out of politics. Of course, we follow what happens on the political arena of our country but that's it. So the second reason that goes out of it is that we are not an experts and not professional enough to talk about politics and not to feel that we don't really sure what we are talking about. And the third reason is that political news always require a lot of resources that we don't have. 

Because we are still independent channel and still getting our revenue only through youtube ads and crowd fund of our subscribers.

So we have our own way that we follow from the beginning.

But once most of our audience are foreign people with an interest to Russia, no wonder you guys now asking us to tell more about the Russian activity in Ukraine and Crimea. Every single day we are getting as many requests about it as we never had about any other subject. They comes everywhere - in comments to the videos, by email, on Facebook.

And we understand why. You trust us and want to know our point of view in searchings for the truth. But the key is that staying our of politics we don't know the truth as well.

Let me to explain. You need to know that an INFORMATION have three conditions - FULL information, fragmentary information and partial information. 

Only when you have a full information and knows everything you can judge what really happens.
But what about the situation in Ukraine, I doubt we know full information. Only the people in the top of politics knows. Only they knows what they are really talking about behind their closed doors. Then every side gives to their press centers only fragments of the full information that they have. This fragments goes to the medias and edit them according to the interest of their owners. So finally on air we are getting an edited, sometimes even distorted, information. A part of fragments, a partial information.

The worst thing is that after all this information forms mass people opinion regarding the problem. People are listening to the partial information and thinking they knows enough about the subject and definitely knows who is right and who is not. But they are not.

Same about me... I understand that I still not sure who organized Maidan, who stands for those people, who prepared them and who pay for it, I don't know who are those snipers who killed people in Ukraine, I can't to know for sure what Putin and Obama really talking about by phone, and it's hard to say if the countries that judge Russia really care about Ukrainian people or just stands for their own geopolitical interests. There no the single opinion regarding it around the citizens of Crimea. Some wants to join Russia and some wants to stay with Ukraine. But what I can say for sure, this is a big political game that I don't want to play and stand the «Real Russia» channel in the role of unprofessional media puppet. 

That's why we stay out of politics and follow our own way of making the best for the Peace between Russia and the whole World because we said before and still saying that we all are the children of the same World because when the Universe, the God, or the Nature (call it however you want) created our Planet it was created as a one big World and we were it's children. If to look at our Planet from the Space it is still the same big blue planet as it was millions of years ago.

Our opinion is that in current Ukraine conflict there no winners and no matter how it will ends, we hope it will end faster and with as less victims as possible.

And final thing don't judge the whole national by the acts of it's government.

Make Love No War! Peace!

"Real Russia" is the first independent English-speaking Russian channel about the real life in Russia!

The project was based in September, 2012 by former TV presenter Sergey Baklykov and his colleague by TV Sergey Grom.

The main idea of the show is making the deepest insights into the real life in Russia with No Fake and No Bullshit!




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